Autentic Culinary Experience In Porto

If you appreciate good food, good wine and have a particular interest in Portuguese gastronomy, you have come to the right place.

The experience Cook in Ribeira will allow you to have memorable moments!

The history of a country is served at the table! Our team is available to welcome you as only the North knows how, allowing you to get to know the very best of what our gastronomy has to offer. Come create memories in the city which was awarded the Best European Destination title twice – cook in Porto!

Cooking in Porto - Kitchen Class


Relish the freshest products of the season, understand their origin, prepare them in the most traditional manner, learning tricks and tips so that you can take with you the very best of what Portugal has to offer.

A hands on experience, designed for novice and accomplished cooks under the guidance of our chef instructors!

All dully accompanied by the excellent Douro wines, the first demarcated region in the world, acknowledged as World Heritage by UNESCO. Located in the heart of Porto city, right in Ribeira, the Cook in Ribeira has its doors open to welcome you!

Cooking in Porto - Kitchen Class


In a friendly and relaxed environment, you will be able to interact and share experiences with people from all over the world! Active and fun Cooking Classes, which will allow you to get to know, first hand, the national gastronomy – from the inside and the outside of the kitchen!