Portuguese Gourmet Cooking Class

Portuguese Gourmet Cooking Class

3h30 Cooking Lesson, Min. 4 PAX

The Portuguese gastronomy is already acknowledged among the best in the world.

Every year, the number of Michelin stars increases, placing Portugal in the map of the high international gastronomy.

Daily, bold and creative Chefs reinvent the traditional cuisine, never denying its roots, and give a whole new look to that which our gastronomy has best.

Porto Gourmet Class is a totally hands-on cuisine class, which includes appetizer, soup, main dish and dessert. You will be enchanted with the menu, dully accompanied by some of the best Portuguese wines.

By learning new techniques and innovative presenting forms, surprise your family and friends with a Michelin star worthy meal!


Cook in Ribeira … wherever you may be!

- Wine and beverages included.
- Class is made up of 12 participants maximum and a minimum of 4 participants. We can accept different bookings until the lotation is reached.
- There is a possibility of cancellation the bookings if there are not enough participants to meet requirements.
- Portuguese Traditional Gastronomy is not vegetarian friendly. In this case we can provide a different dish.