1. Cook in Ribeira Activities:
The activities presented in the site www.cookinribeira.com, are based on gastronomic and wine experiences. The purchase of the activities described in our site guarantees the clients what is indicated in the respective page of each activity. It is the responsibility of the client any extra that is not considered in the program of each activity.

2. Food restrictions
Traditional Portuguese cuisine is based on meat and fish, so please let us know on the booking form if you have any food restrictions, so we can adapt the original menu or provide a different dish.

3. Alcohol Consumption:
Alcohol consumption is only allowed to persons over the age of 18. The cooking classes includes wine beverages, which must be consumed responsibly. Cook in Ribeira has the right to refuse access to participants for an activity if they are initially visibly on the effect of alcohol or create disturbances during the activity. Damage caused by disturbance implies its payment.

4. Booking:
The bookings can be made through the form on page https://www.cookinribeira.com/book-a-cooking-class-in-porto, by email info@cookinribeira.com, or by phone trough the number +351 967 003 160. Bookings will be validated by Cook in Ribeira according to its availability.

5. Number of participants:
The minimum and maximum number of participants in regular activities is indicated on the online page of each activity in www.cookinribeira.com.
All those who have made their payment are considered participants. Only participants are allowed.

6. Private Classes and Private Groups:
Cook in Ribeira can apply a reservation fee (private groups for dinners, Birthday parties, family reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, tailor-made event) or total amount (private classes) paid till 15 days before the activity.

7. Payment:
Payment is made in Euros

8. Age:
Cook in Ribeira Experiences are free for children till 4 years old. Special prices are charged for Children from 5 to 10 years old. All Children (from 0 to 17 included) must be accompanied by one adult participator. Water and juice are available for children.

9. Cancellations:
Cancellations must be notified by e-mail to the address info@cookinribeira.com. All conditions of cancellations are related to the total amount of the booking (number of persons * price).:
a) More than 30 days before the event, fully refundable;
b) Between 29 and 8 days before the date of the event, 50% refundable;
c) Less than 7 days before the date of the event or failure to appear, non-refundable
d) We want that classes start on time and we prepare everything for it. We wait 15 minutes maximum after starting hours due to delays of participants. After 15 minutes waiting, we will start the class with the present participants. 30 minutes after the starting hour, we can refuse the access to the class without refund.

10. Changes to the activities:
In the case Cook in Ribeira needs to make changes to a confirmed booking for reasons unrelated to the company or of major force, those changes will be immediately communicated to the client. In case of a change to a confirmed booking, the client can choose a new date, if that is convenient, or cancel the reservation. The cancellation of confirmed bookings under these conditions are totally refundable.

11. Liability:
The liability regime complies with the general principles of Portuguese law. Luggage is the responsibility of the client, who must ensure their safety.

12. Data protection:
Client’s personal information will be used for the purpose of the booking of the activity. Cook in Ribeira shall only use client’s personal data for commercial communications when authorized by the client in accordance with current legislation on personal data.
Cook in Ribeira does not share with third parties the emails of Participants.
Pictures or Multimedia films made by participants, should be for private use only, without any commercial goals. Any picture or multimedia films made by participants for commercial proposes, should have a written consent of Cook in Ribeira and participants.

13. Images Right´s
Cook in Ribeira reserve the right to make images and video coverage (with sound) of the clients during these activities. Thus, except indicated otherwise by writing from the clients prior to the activity, the participants in the activities gives all the rights and authorizes the use of photos and videos collected during the activities and the periods before and after the same, for placement on the website and social networks, to be used for marketing and advertising purposes of the company only.

14. GDPR , Europe Customers and Employee´s
a) Cook in Ribeira only store the information provided during the booking process. We request only name, surname, phone contact, email, country, health restrictions or religious restrictions for the booking process. In each booking we ask number of persons, day, month of the experience selected by you.
b) Payments process we use Paypal, which as the option to make the requested payments online using a Paypal account, Visa or Mastercard.
c) We don´t have control in any way, related to the information you provide to Paypal, Visa or MasterCard or entities / relations these companies have.
d) You have the right to request the information we saved through our booking process and also the right to request that we delete the information after the activity. You can request both using our email, info@cookinribeira.com.

15. Operation:
Cook in Ribeira, closes on the following days: December the 24th, 25th, 26th and 31th; January the 1st.

Last updated: 1 October 2018